We provide a wide variety of pork products made fresh. Our pork bellies (bacon) are cooked in a state of the art smokehouse at our Oxford location. The brats are mixed and linked in Oxford as well. The ribs and pulled pork are made in our Kearney location. We also provide the following 100% pork brat flavors:

•  Pork •  Spicy Pork
•  Jalapeno Cheddar •  Bacon Cheddar
•  Guiness •  Hormel Chili and Cheese
•  Onion and Bell Pepper •  Italian Sausage
•  Apricot Dijon (Apricot preserves and dijon mustard)
•  Atomic (Cayenne, crushed red and habenero pepper)
•  Hawaiian Heat (Pineapple and crushed red pepper)
•  Rueben (Saurkraut and shredded cheddar)